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Inaugural post! Internet indifferent.

This site was borne out of a couple things. I post stories on Facebook all the time and every once in a while I yearn for just a little more space to add something to the story. I also get positive feedback from six or seven dedicated readers and I wanted to have a place to keep my writing and my work(past and future).

These first few posts will be a mix of my favorite things on the internet and interesting stories that come up from day to day. Eventually, I’d like to get an interview series on here as well. Chime in,  in the comments section, and I will get back to you. Take a look at my “siteroll” and you’ll see that my posts will be about a multitude of different topics.

Players, agents, and fans will lose if the NFL has their way. Prices for jerseys like this would go up.

Players, agents, and fans will lose if the NFL has their way. Prices for jerseys like this would go up.

First, up an overlooked story from ESPN. Basically, the NFL is seeking immunity from antitrust scrutiny. They want to be looked at as one business as opposed to 32 competing business. The case is important because NFL players and players in many sports get concessions from owners, not because of the strength of their unions, but because they threaten antitrust suits. If the NFL gets what they want it would extend the precedent to the three other major sports. Then:

-Leagues could restrain free agency and player movement(i.e. Lebron isn’t going anywhere)

– Coaches and managers might have a league mandated pay scale.

– Sports merchandise prices( for jerseys, hats, etc) would go through the roof and you either pay the high prices or don’t get it because it would be illegal for other companies to sell the items

– Labor peace would be a thing of the past.

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