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Journalism’s New Business Model is Here

The men who would save newspapers. Click to see why they think it will work.

Fascinating article from AOL’s Daily Finance, which has an interview with the creators of Journalism Online. Though it sounds like a company that I should send my resume to, it is actually a venture that seeks to get news organizations to sign up for a pay model for their content.

Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, the company allows news outlets to customize their pay schemes with 15 different variables. Publishers will be able to do everything from selling monthly subscriptions to charging micropayments for individual articles with a sliding pricing scale based on the timeliness of the news. “What we’re giving them is a set of dials they can constantly turn,” says Brill. “In no case is is simply charging or not charging. It’s not simply a pay wall goes up around everything.”

To me this is why the company has a chance to succeed despite the popular opinion of many(and I include myself) that online pay models won’t work in today’s internet environment. Fifteen different types of pay structures allows publishers to make their last stand(dramatic but a worst case scenario) with the pay model that they feel provides the best chance for success. A lot will be riding on the success of this venture or one like it in the near future. If they’re lucky they might succeed in the way that a pioneer in subscription content has.


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