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Of Facebook and Tweeting

Facebook is a fan favorite while Twitter has yet to grow on some.

Facebook is a fan favorite while Twitter has yet to grow on some.

Social networks get a bad rap. Sure, many people use Facebook to stalk a hottie they’re smitten with, waste time chatting with friends, or take a four question quiz which magically deciphers which household appliance they are. And sure Twitter can be 140 characters of status messages about how you  “just jumped rope” or “walked to the store and bought gum but not cinnamon flavored because I hate that flavor”. A large swath of Twitter users even make one Tweet and never return(@PaulBongo, I’m looking at you). I gave a lot of negatives there. But here’s the thing.

Despite the negative attention social networks get, or the dismissive air of many nonusers, eventually people come around to the popular ones. Myspace was this way and then eventually people were jostling for top friends recognition. Facebook was this way and then all of a sudden adults and mothers and fathers were getting them(much to the chagrin of their children). But Twitter isn’t this way. Twitter has some fierce holdouts unseen in the social network era.(Who knows with athletes tweeting from the bench during games the steroid era might actually be followed by the social network era.) I know many people who’s attitude towards Twitter borders on vitriolic. People who’s principled stances against even one solitary tweet seem ready to pass the test of time. And its only because people don’t understand the applications for Twitter or how to tweet.

*A Guy Explains Twitter to His 85 year old mother with Transcript. Excellent.

I’ve been doing some tweesearch recently and I’ve come across some interesting things. See, new Twitter trends are constantly changing, the possible uses of Twitter are still evolving. One story from Mashable looked at the top five Twitter trends last month. Real-time search is what Twitter provides that Google can not. When the uprising in Iran become a global news story, the #IranElection tag was(and still is) an up to the second way of knowing what was happening in the country and what people were saying about the issue.

A breaking story by the second. Click for an excellent piece on Iran and Twitter by Time.

A breaking story by the second. Click for an excellent piece on Iran and Twitter by Time.

I won’t go through every trend but this month’s article showcases live video sharing and Twitter petitions as new and interesting trends. Live videos could be used by someone with a certain expertise who is holding a question and answer session. It could be used for interviews or to promote content and creativity. Twitter petition’s could give a measure of power back to the consumer. After AT&T customers and iPhone users circulated a “Twitition” about unfair iPhone upgrade deals, AT&T decided to lower their prices. Journalists also use Twitter in interesting ways but I’ll cover that in another post some time.

I used a lot of content from Mashable and its in their best interest if more and more people use social networking sites and their content gets more viewers but the point remains that Twitter has a certain level of utility. If its not for you that’s fine. But it’s for more than just tweeting, “Boy, does Adrian love Twitter.”

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