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Youtube’s Finest: 10 Viral Sensations

When you hear about viral sensations, you’re conditioned to think that a trip to the doctor is order. But fear not. I thought I’d continue the social network, social media, new media, day with a look at some of the funniest and most viewed videos on Youtube. Inspired by this piece from Mashable. (Big day for them on ACO. Maybe its because I read so much of their content over the weekend that my head hurts.) In no particular order.

Possibly the funniest baby video I have ever seen. And babies are funny.

I always had pain after the dentist. Never…this.

And the response video. A couple classic moments during it.


An excuse to get “I Want It That Way” on here. Facial expressions=hilarious

What are the chances?

Two cats talking. Stellar editing.

This guy goes through a couple generations of dance moves and he’s not bad.

This video grew on me so much that I actually think it’s a good song now.

Saved the best for last. A friend’s wife is the singer. Three friends are the backup dancers. I love this video so much.

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