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The Associated Press vs. The Internet

The Associated Press would charge 12.50 for a quote of five words.

The Associated Press would charge 12.50 for a quote of five words.

You know, I get it. Journalism is in trouble. Oh yes, its true. Business model is in shambles and no one quite knows how you monetize something that people have been getting for free, for years now. There are ten-year olds, who only know a world with nothing but free, high quality journalism. So everyone is kind of in a free-for-all attempting to salvage a virtuous and important industry.

Some are now toying with the idea of different pay models for news sites, as I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. The Associated Press has decided to go the extra mile. If you want to quote five words or more, it will cost you $2.50 a word. The AP is upset because they feel that their content is hijacked all around the internet. I won’t dispute that, I’m sure they track their content well and know that they don’t like the current setup. But as this story over at Mashable says, it’s a  news wire. Don’t they want to encourage sharing of their stories? Shouldn’t they figure out a way to work within the current rules a little better? I think this experiment is an example of a news organization striking out big time. I hope I’m wrong, but just to be safe, let me quote four words from one of their stories so I don’t have to break out some greenbacks. “This Makes No Sense,” Associated Press.

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