Top 5 Upcoming Blockbuster Movies of 2009, 2010

With Comic Con in the books and the summer blockbusters out of the way, I thought I’d take a look at what’s going to hit theaters over the next 500 days or so. In no particular order:

1) Alice in Wonderland

It’s safe to say that Johnny Depp has some range. March 5th, 2010.

2) 2012

I don’t know about anybody else but this movie trailer scares the bejesus out of me. Those Mayans and their calendar seem to be causing a lot of strife, so let’s go to a Mayan priest to settle the issue, once and for all. November 13th, 2009.

3) Ironman 2

You gotta love how movie companies are so secretive with their trailers. Oh no! Fans might be exciting and pining for the movie at an earlier date! Excitement might reach a fever pitch! No, no, we don’t want that. As such we’re reduced to watching pictures of a trailer. How sad. Don Cheadle, in the photos, as he is replacing Terrence Howard. Don’t know the story? Here ya go. May 7th, 2010.

4. The Expendables

Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Jason Statham, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture. All in the movie. Yes, I am serious. April 23rd, 2010.

5. Twilight: New Moon

No I didn’t do this for traffic. How dare you even think it. Look, the characters are dreamy and the movie is so real because it’s her story, in first person ok? Ok? IT LOOKS COOL WHEN THE GUY TURNS INTO A WEREWOLF. There I said it. November 20th, 2009.


The Associated Press vs. The Internet

The Associated Press would charge 12.50 for a quote of five words.

The Associated Press would charge 12.50 for a quote of five words.

You know, I get it. Journalism is in trouble. Oh yes, its true. Business model is in shambles and no one quite knows how you monetize something that people have been getting for free, for years now. There are ten-year olds, who only know a world with nothing but free, high quality journalism. So everyone is kind of in a free-for-all attempting to salvage a virtuous and important industry.

Some are now toying with the idea of different pay models for news sites, as I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. The Associated Press has decided to go the extra mile. If you want to quote five words or more, it will cost you $2.50 a word. The AP is upset because they feel that their content is hijacked all around the internet. I won’t dispute that, I’m sure they track their content well and know that they don’t like the current setup. But as this story over at Mashable says, it’s a  news wire. Don’t they want to encourage sharing of their stories? Shouldn’t they figure out a way to work within the current rules a little better? I think this experiment is an example of a news organization striking out big time. I hope I’m wrong, but just to be safe, let me quote four words from one of their stories so I don’t have to break out some greenbacks. “This Makes No Sense,” Associated Press.

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JK Wedding Video: Anatomy of an Instant-Classic.

Those closest to me might say that I’m prone to hyperbole from time to time. They’re wrong, but I’ll humor them anyway. Maybe this is an exaggeration, but if it is, it’s just by a smidge. The video was uploaded 15 days ago…it has more than 15 million views. Let’s analyze that quickly. I’m On A Boat(one of my faves), featuring The Lonely Island and T-Pain has 31 million views. It’s a Saturday Night Live digital short! It aired in millions of homes on a Saturday night! It’s been on Youtube for six months. This wedding video is viral. It’s been passed along the internet. Without further ado the hilarious video. Play-by-play and analysis below:

0:00-0;50: Classic opening. Those guys deserve a lot of credit. You know grandmas in the pews were slightly horrified about the proceedings, but the two guys had all of the spotlight on them and delivered. Well done.

0:50-1:05 Great job by the young ladies in pink. Choreographed and crisp. But it’s a good thing they went before…

1:05-1:30 The showstopper!  He’s got some moves, as he opens with the patented NFL player entrance side-skip immortalized by Deion Sanders. For a big man he has some dexterity, going for a hand stand. And his face is a portrait of attitude.

1:30-1:45 A slight hiccup in the performance excellence, but once again they’re dancing in front of family before a wedding. One misstep and you have the second cousin you don’t particularly care for making snarky remarks as he asks you to pass the gravy on Thanksgiving.

1:45-2:00 Now that’s more like it! I like how the guy on the right said, “You know what, I’m going sans vest. I’m going to dance my heart out.”

2:00-2:50 Assorted regrettable creative decisions. They can’t all be winners.

2:50-3:03 My favorite participant is back leading the charge.

3:04 The groom tumbles in ladies and gentlemen! I took tumbling gym in high school. That right there, that’s a multistep process, executed to perfection.

3:05-3:35 Getting into position for…

3:35-4:10 Slow motion Matrix moves?! Is this real life?! Stellar. Just exemplary.

4:10-4:30 The bride enters, beaming.

4:30-5:10 And scene. Is there any way this marriage doesn’t last 20 years? A certain type of love and admiration has to be present for all parties to say, “Yeah you know what, let’s dust off Chris Brown’s, ‘Forever’, and dance to it. It was in the bargain bin on iTunes, anyway.”

So there you have it. Over on’s Future of Journalism Blog, King Kaufman thinks the JK Wedding video is relevant to the future of journalism. I know! Who would have thought? Click on over for some interesting thoughts.

College humor imagines that JK don’t last the 20 years I foretold…

The JK Wedding Dance has people in every country taking to the streets!(Aliens must see this and think humans are so weird.)

For a chance to have my blog posts delivered to the comfort of a popular social network, follow me @TheRealAdrianC on Twitter, where I retweet  loads of interesting and important stories each day, send out social media news, and of course, pass along my humble blog posts, to you, the discerning new media devotee.

Friday Night Links

We continue the wildly popular and catchy weekly feature that is not necessarily posted at night. This week I saved a bunch of links throughout the week in preparation for this momentous post. Onto the links.

Mayor Bloomberg to homeless: We’ll pay for a one-way ticket to ship you out of NYC.

The Onion is “bought” by chinese businessmen. In classic Onion fashion, the headline: Why Did No One Inform Us Of The Imminent Death Of The American Newspaper Industry?

Wall Street Journal had eight unemployed people blog about their experience looking for jobs. Many are working now. But at a cost.

The Journalist’s Guide to Twitter.

This video is hilarious to me because I know many people who are/have been addicted to World of Warcraft:

You know I love LOST so I don’t want to hear any lip. “Ben”, “Hurley” and the ever eye-lined “Richard” discuss the end of the show and the Jack, Kate and Sawyer love triangle.(Video)

Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man. This article has really cool, if slightly unnerving buzzwords like the rapture, the end of the human era, and the singularity,

Did Obama ever really believe in bipartisanship? And what does the term mean anyway?

The Audacity of Hops: Beer summit stats. Bud Light for Obama, Blue Moon for Sergeant James Crowley, Sam Adams Light for Harvard Scholar Henry Louis Gates, and a Buckler nonalcoholic beer for Vice President Joe Biden. Biden must have been designated driver.

Breaking: David Ortiz used steroids in 2003

Ortiz and Manny were the most feared tandem in baseball for years.

Ortiz and Manny were the most feared tandem in baseball for years.

The New York Times reports that David Ortiz, who helped end an 86 year run without a championship for the Boston Red Sox, is on the 2003 list along with Manny Ramirez, of more than 100 players who tested positive for steroids. The list was supposed to remain confidential.

I don’t write this to gloat because I am a Yankee fan. It was always painfully obvious to me that Ortiz used steroids and his narrative was always suspicious. He was released by the Minnesota Twins in 2002 after hitting .272 with 20 home runs and 75 rbi’s. Not a terrible season but pretty much average for a first baseman type. Since he profiled as a DH maybe the numbers are a little worse. Whatever the case, the Twins let him go. His seasons afterwards.

2003 .288 31-101

2004 .301 41-139

2005 .300 47-148

2006 .287 54-137

2007 .332 34-117

2008 .264 23-89

2009 .224 13-55

Ortiz began to fall off. You could say it’s age or you could say he stopped using steroids as baseball became more strict with their steroid policy. I’ll always remember that he defended Jason Giambi, even in the face of the rivalry and steroid revelations. I always thought he was having an internal debate where he said, “What if people find out about me?”

What I won’t do is what many Yankee fans would like to do. I won’t say oh the Yankees could have won in 2004 or maybe things shake out differently in 2007. The fabric of baseball is tainted by the steroid subculture and is just now getting out from under it. New York Yankee players were in the Mitchell Report so even though they could have won here and there after 2000, maybe they won because of steroids here and there before 2001. One last takeaway not involving David Ortiz. Unless there is a big change from Hall of Fame writers, Manny Ramirez will most likely not sniff Cooperstown. He has now tested positive in 2003 and 2009. The, “You just happened to catch me the two times I did it!” defense has a zero percent chance of working. Lastly, a couple links on the Ortiz situation.

Ortiz defended a Dominican trainer embroiled in steroid controversy who trained A-Rod.

Rob Neyer calls out Ortiz for saying he used shakes in the Dominican Republic that could have been tainted.

Peter Abraham says it’s just more bad news for the Sox.

Ortiz was shocked about the Ramirez steroid revelations.

Second Avenue Subway! Delayed Again.

This is the first thing I thought of when I heard the news. Well played MTA!

This is the first thing I thought of when I heard the news. Well played MTA!

Amid seemingly yearly fare hikes, the MTA has not made friends with transit riders. Now comes news of a delay that  is infuriating for many, but expected by most. I wonder if the MTA will release a follow up ad to the above image:

“Put your head down.

Starting in 2017, the project that has been rumored for an entire generation will finally shuttle weary and beleaguered New Yorkers to relieve overcrowding on the Lexington line. Maddening but hypothetical news.

P.S. The above might not actually happen. We reserve the right to make it 2021, 2023 or sometime after. Oh, and the fare will be $6.00 by then. But look out for the two fares for $11.50 deal. Its gonna be a steal.”

I’ve always heard about how business owners on second avenue have been suffering because customers stay away from eyesore construction and have no place to park. After, I heard about this I did a little bit of reading on the mythological subway line.

This baby would be amazing and relieve a lot of stress for New Yorkers who have to pack into the 4,5,6 line.

This baby would be amazing and relieve a lot of stress for New Yorkers who have to pack into the 4,5,6 line.

The line would bring tourism to a different part of New York City, send real estate prices skyrocketing, and undoubtedly pay for itself many times over. But that seems like a pipe dream at this point. I particularly enjoyed when the MTA said it was looking like 2016 was the date for completion of Phase I, but then the Federal Transit Authority said it looks like 2017 and most likely 2018.

How ridiculous is this? Isn’t this counterintuitive in real life? We all know the person who always errs on the optimistic side but never comes through. “Yeah I’ll be there at 7pm!” But then 8:30 rolls around, and you’re stressed out and three drinks in at the bar. Why not just give an accurate time? Isn’t a little stress beforehand better than five times as much afterwards? Why wouldn’t the MTA gather some reporters and say, “Yeah, listen we messed up. We’re gonna tell you 2020 but you can write whatever date you want. A fictional date is worth nothing to New Yorkers. We’re going to work hard to get it done and maybe we’ll surprise you for once.”

That would be overdue but excellent news.

Yankees are rolling! So why am I leery?

Joba please keep it up. Please.

Joba please keep it up. Please.

The Yankees are 11-2 since the All-Star break. Another dominant start from Joba Chamberlain has them at 62-39 which leaves them tied with the Dodgers for the best record in baseball. They are 3.5 games up on the archrival Red Sox. Still, I feel like I’m sitting next to a gambling addicted friend who just got hot at the craps table.

I’m not a negative guy when it comes to the Yankees. Actually, my mom, a die hard fan since the 70’s  usually gets mad at me because I’m too optimistic. But an 0-8 record against the Sox does not breed a ton of confidence.  Sure, Boston’s offense fell apart recently, David Ortiz looks more like Moderately Sized Papi, and their vaunted seven, eight, or nine deep rotation has taken some hits. But still I worry.

The Yankees of the last couple of years seemed to act skittish when they played the Red Sox. What happened to the fire? What happened to competing? Now because the Yanks are rolling I’m supposed to expect them to dispatch Boston the same way? These are the things I(and many other Yankee fans) would love to see.

1) Joba Chamberlain keep it up…into October. I love the guy. He apparently went home to Nebraska and found his 97 mph fastball under the couch. Who would have guessed? Joba was in the Halladay rumors for a reason. After a couple chances teams need to see something, or else they start to entertain giving away a diminished asset before the secret gets out.

2) A couple sweeps against the Red Sox. I know the regular season matchups don’t matter if the Yanks beat Detroit(their opponent if the season ended today), and then finally dethrone the Sox, or the bane of their existence, The Los Angeles Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles but it would be nice to go into a series knowing you can beat your hated rivals. Just a thought.

3) Health and consistency. Health goes without saying but too often we forget a huge truth about post-steroids era baseball. PLAYERS ARE NOT USING SPEED ANYMORE. Amphetamines were banned by baseball and people still think the drop in steroid use is the biggest story. I have news for you. Players have been using  “greenies” for years. I’m talking since the 1940’s. And which players do you think would suffer in September or October? Veterans, the type of players that populate the rec center known as the Yankee locker room. Don’t believe me? From the 2006 article I linked to above.

There are days when the 13-year veteran feels his strength sapped by the demands of those 162-game seasons.That’s why even this three-time All-Star used to swallow a “greenie” now and then to stay in the lineup.“Players use amphetamines to be the player they can’t be when they’re tired,” said the veteran, who asked that his name not be used.

So yes, I want to believe that this time it will be different. I want to enjoy the Yankees season because if they have a parade down the Canyon of Heroes this year I want to be able to say this.

“You know I knew it was going to happen! I knew as soon as they started winning. Yeah! The whole time. Didn’t doubt them once! I mean come on, Chamberlain was throwing fireballs as if he was Ares atop Mount Olympus. They slapped the Sox around a couple times in the second half and then they beat them in six games in the ALCS! And now they just beat the Dodgers in five games because Manny accidentally hailed a cab to Anaheim before the deciding game because he heard they play in Los Angeles. Crazy! Oh, look it’s an inexplicably tanned A-Rod in late-October, Sabathia’s cheesy smile, and Jeter with his whole hand full of championship rings…”