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Newsgasm:On Clinton/North Korea, Clunkers, LA Fitness Shooting and more…

I’m going to try something a little different here. I had a little bit to say about multiple news stories, nothing I wanted to ramble about. Maybe this becomes a weekly feature maybe not, but can you say recurring? I think so.

Bill Clinton/North Korea: It’s amazing that the United States was able to pull this off with a huge assist from Bill Clinton. But as information came out yesterday that Clinton already had a guarantee that he was going to be taking the prisoners home, I wasn’t surprised. Howard Kurtz, Washington Post media critic, opined that this was the case on @HowardKurtz on Twitter, before it became public. What I find most interesting is that North Korea rejected Al Gore and seemingly Hillary Clinton as emissaries, and asked for Bill Clinton.

Cash for ‘Clunkers’: Click for data on why the program is working. I, like so many others in this country am tired of the political games that seem necessary to achieve progress in this country. It doesn’t matter what your politics are. Let me repeat, this is not about politics. The program set out to improve the average mileage of cars in the United States, have  positive environmental and economic repercussions because of it,  and help Americans who were three of four thousand dollars short of being able to finally get a new car. Guess what. It’s a success. Getting the extra $2 billion should not necessitate arm wringing and nonsensical posturing. This time it was Republicans but neither party is immune to the idiocy that is common place. When progress can only be accomplished at a glacial pace, Americans lose out in the long run.

LA Fitness Shooting: Click for story from CNN. This tragic story may have a lasting impact on law enforcement. Mashable details online diary entries from the  murderer who set out to kill young women. He was planning it and talked about  how he was lonely, hadn’t had a girlfriend since 1984 and that he didn’t want to live anymore. How will law enforcement patrol the internet for dangerous people who are making their criminal intentions known beforehand?

Healthcare: The article explains that Democrats are feeling good about passing healthcare reform after a pep talk from the Head Coach-in-Chief. I know that healthcare is a polarizing issue and even within a party, there is disagreement. I even blogged about an issue that’s been dismissed that may be crucial in the debate. But why exactly are Republicans so up in arms? So astonished, bewildered and enraged about the prospect of healthcare? This was one of the pillars of Obama’s campaign. He won. Did you think he would decide against it once he was able to kick his feet up in the Oval office? I don’t mean to trivialize the issue. But last week Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats have the votes to pass healthcare. Politicians are the cagiest of people, why would she say this and have it blow up in her face? It seems that the Democrats can push something through if they want because of the public signing off on it in the election and because they can get the votes. Disagreement within the party has slowed progress of the bill because Blue Dog(more conservative) Democrats want consessions in the bill that progressives are against. Its pretty clear that Republicans will not work with Democrats for the best possible bill. It goes against their principles to do so. But why the uproar? If its so bad for the country won’t people realize this? If the bill is just another collosal mistake by the Obama administration, won’t this make it easier for a Republican challenger to harness the momentum of public opinion and defeat Obama in the 2012 election?


2012 Presidential Election Starts Now

Obama's election has Republicans excited. Seriously.

The election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States probably invoked more emotion and more varied sentiment across the country than any presidential election before. His supporters were joyous and Democratic party members were smiling across the land. But I’ll have you know that politicians who agree with none of his politices nor identify with his party were also excited and intrigued. Allow me to explain.

If Obama’s election energized a populace who now had validation of the thought that any American can be president, how do you think a deepening field of possible 2012 Republican candidates feel? Obama is the new president in 2009 but no one even knew he existed before 2004 and he didn’t figure prominently in the public consciousness until 2007. Think about that. The leader of the free world could have gone to 7-11 for a slurpee with no security two years ago and now he is shaking hands at the G-8 summit with world leaders.

This Fox poll from Real Clear Politics shows that Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are the current “leaders” for 2012 with Sarah Palin a close third. Frankly, I find it comical if anyone thinks those three will be the leaders when it all comes down to it. I think one of them will be in the conversation if they’re lucky.

Obama declared his candidacy on a cold February day among little fanfare.

Obama declared his candidacy on a cold February day among little fanfare.

Obama came on to the stage when many Americans were fed up with the previous administration. He came with a fresh set of ideas and a different political approach. He had undeniable gifts but he also embodied two things. ‘Different’ and ‘change’. Literal change.

Now Obama must recover from a recession and a myriad of problems. He and his administration have time to do so but if it doesn’t happen by 2012 the presidency will be ripe for the taking. Look at the poll again. Americans have ideas about what those three Republican candidates bring to the table. If someone new and fresh comes with ideas that can be described the same way, then Huck, Mitt and Sarah will be in some trouble. Game on.