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Friday Night Links: Twitter Edition

What? A graphic?! Yes, its that time of the week. This time a wrinkle. All of the links will come from my interesting tweets(and retweets) of the week. Don’t worry they’re not all about Twitter. Its a vibrant cross section of the news that is the fabric of this great nation. Oh and videos. I always bring the vids.

Jon Stewart earns the wrath of Rush Limbaugh. Looks like a win-win for Stewart.

The GOP isn’t worried about backlash from hispanics over Sotomayor. I think they should be.

Grad sues college for tuition because she can’t get a job.

Newly discovered pieces by Mozart, technically demanding and furiously paced. He was seven or eight years old when he wrote them. When I was seven, my teacher asked the class to find out the opposite of the word “sweet”. I came back the next day, told her it was “sour” and received some sort of prize. My accomplishment was not technically demanding, furiously paced nor was it an extensive concerto movement.

Cheesily produced video of the greatest basketball team ever assembled. The 1992 Dream Team:

The prevalence of these stories doesn’t make it any less alarming. We’re running out of oil at an unbelievable rate.

Apple tries to silence 11 year old with exploding iPod.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. The time for lasers on top of airplanes has come.

The Onion: “Victim of Mall Shooting Determined Not To Die In Yankee Candle”

140 characters? Please. Old news. The cheapest telegrams used to be 150 characters. Includes awesome code words for shortening sentences. Thus: “If a sufficient inducement is offered, the hunting expedition will not set out” could be sent in code by simply sending “Inert hurst” in a telegram.

With the news that championship hero David Ortiz failed a steroid test in 2003, coming on the heels of the Patriots shady business during Spygate, a new song has come out. Boston Trophy Party:

Reuters CEO is going at online content distribution just like the AP…but the exact opposite. “I believe in the link economy.” Great read.

Hey so, why are Russian nuclear submarines snooping off the East coast of the US?

The Onion: Solitary Crow on Fence Post Portending Doom, Analysts Warn

Candidate Bloomberg: Let’s reopen LIRR stations in Elmhurst, Richmond Hill, and Glendale. Please do Mr. Mayor if you are reelected to be mayor once again. Transportation in some parts of Queens is a nightmare.

Seth Rogan talks about being rejected by Megan Fox with rejection clip. Hilarious.

Geez, why was he so nervous anyway?



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Yankees are rolling! So why am I leery?

Joba please keep it up. Please.

Joba please keep it up. Please.

The Yankees are 11-2 since the All-Star break. Another dominant start from Joba Chamberlain has them at 62-39 which leaves them tied with the Dodgers for the best record in baseball. They are 3.5 games up on the archrival Red Sox. Still, I feel like I’m sitting next to a gambling addicted friend who just got hot at the craps table.

I’m not a negative guy when it comes to the Yankees. Actually, my mom, a die hard fan since the 70’s  usually gets mad at me because I’m too optimistic. But an 0-8 record against the Sox does not breed a ton of confidence.  Sure, Boston’s offense fell apart recently, David Ortiz looks more like Moderately Sized Papi, and their vaunted seven, eight, or nine deep rotation has taken some hits. But still I worry.

The Yankees of the last couple of years seemed to act skittish when they played the Red Sox. What happened to the fire? What happened to competing? Now because the Yanks are rolling I’m supposed to expect them to dispatch Boston the same way? These are the things I(and many other Yankee fans) would love to see.

1) Joba Chamberlain keep it up…into October. I love the guy. He apparently went home to Nebraska and found his 97 mph fastball under the couch. Who would have guessed? Joba was in the Halladay rumors for a reason. After a couple chances teams need to see something, or else they start to entertain giving away a diminished asset before the secret gets out.

2) A couple sweeps against the Red Sox. I know the regular season matchups don’t matter if the Yanks beat Detroit(their opponent if the season ended today), and then finally dethrone the Sox, or the bane of their existence, The Los Angeles Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles but it would be nice to go into a series knowing you can beat your hated rivals. Just a thought.

3) Health and consistency. Health goes without saying but too often we forget a huge truth about post-steroids era baseball. PLAYERS ARE NOT USING SPEED ANYMORE. Amphetamines were banned by baseball and people still think the drop in steroid use is the biggest story. I have news for you. Players have been using  “greenies” for years. I’m talking since the 1940’s. And which players do you think would suffer in September or October? Veterans, the type of players that populate the rec center known as the Yankee locker room. Don’t believe me? From the 2006 article I linked to above.

There are days when the 13-year veteran feels his strength sapped by the demands of those 162-game seasons.That’s why even this three-time All-Star used to swallow a “greenie” now and then to stay in the lineup.“Players use amphetamines to be the player they can’t be when they’re tired,” said the veteran, who asked that his name not be used.

So yes, I want to believe that this time it will be different. I want to enjoy the Yankees season because if they have a parade down the Canyon of Heroes this year I want to be able to say this.

“You know I knew it was going to happen! I knew as soon as they started winning. Yeah! The whole time. Didn’t doubt them once! I mean come on, Chamberlain was throwing fireballs as if he was Ares atop Mount Olympus. They slapped the Sox around a couple times in the second half and then they beat them in six games in the ALCS! And now they just beat the Dodgers in five games because Manny accidentally hailed a cab to Anaheim before the deciding game because he heard they play in Los Angeles. Crazy! Oh, look it’s an inexplicably tanned A-Rod in late-October, Sabathia’s cheesy smile, and Jeter with his whole hand full of championship rings…”